Monday, 18 January 2010

The Internet Marketing Dojo

Hi guys

A big hello to you from the internet marketing dojo, I hope that this site helps a few of you out there that are looking for some ideas on how to promote their websites. It doesnt matter whether you have a large site pulling in thousands of visitors a day or a site that brings in less than 5 people. At the end of the day you need those visitors to convert once on your site otherwise you wont make a penny.

A little bit about myself, I am Scott and (at the time of writng this) I am 29 years old and I live in Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland. I am currently doing freelance search engine optimisation work, my site to those interested is Edinburgh SEO Services.

This site will be used to discuss some internet marketing techniques that some people are using these days, I wont concentrate on search engine optimisation here as I do on my other site, instead I might be talking about such things like email marketing or Pay Per Click.

I hope you enjoy the information here, please feel free to contact me through this site or my other one. I look forward to posting here.